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Tributes to John Keel
from Ingo Swann, Jacques Vallee, Phyllis Benjamin, and Marc Coppola

Tribute to John Michell

INFO Fortfest

June 24 & 25 2017 INFO

International Fortean Organization Hanover, MD

Registration and Details right here at:

The National Electronics Museum (SATURDAY) 1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland 21090

A Conference that Celebrates the Mysterious, Anomalous & the Unknown! Open to the Public! Must Be 16 Years of Age.

Call (877) 926-2515
Staybridge Suites - BWI Airport
1301 Winterson Rd.
Linthicum, Maryland 21090

If you want to be in the same hotel as the speakers and the Hospitality Suite you need to ACT NOW! This hotel frequently has 100% occupancy. IMMEDIATELY call the hotel and mention the INFO Group. We have two discounted room types being held for us ONLY through June 12, 2017.: King Studio Suite at $119.00 (plus tax) and One Bedroom Suite with 2 Double Beds at $129.00 (plus tax). All rooms have a full-sized refrigerator, microwave and stovetop. There is a FREE hot breakfast in the AM at the hotel. Lunches will be provided at the Fortfest venues.

Staybridge has a 24/7 Pantry of foods that you can heat in your room. Reserve now with a credit card and if you need to cancel later, you can do it. Don't miss out on being at our hotel! Otherwise, there are dozens of hotels in the general area to choose from.

Staybridge is 2 Miles from BWI and a mere 0.4 Miles from the Saturday Venue, The National Electronics Museum. It's about 7 Miles to Sunday's Venue, Dave & Busters. Staybridge offers a free shuttle to/from BWI as well as the Amtrak train station. They are promising to use the shuttle to help get all our folks to the venues as needed.

SATURDAY VENUE ~ 9:15 to 6:00:
The National Electronics Museum
1745 W Nursery Rd.
Linthicum, MD 21090

Dave & Busters Emporium
7000 Arundel Mills Circle
Hanover, MD 21076


NEIL INGLIS -- Coincidence: A Matter of Chance - Or Synchronicity?
JIMMI B. -- A Police Officer Recalls the Summer of 1975 UFO Wave in VA Beach
GEORGE HANSEN -- Transgender, Binaries, and the Paranormal
SHANNON TAGGART -- Liminality, the Paranormal and Michael Jackson
JEROME CLARK -- Stranger Than You Think: The Unexplained vs. the Inexplicable

LUNCH & A MOVIE: A LIFE GONE WILD -- Patrick Huyghe introduces a short bio of Ingo Swann
DR. ALLAN TOMSON -- Edgar Cayce: The Original Holistic Healer
SAM MARANTO -- A Medley of Cryptids and Oddities from Chicago-land!


Questions? ~ Email OR Call 571-262-1496


A Tribute to Phyllis Benjamin
by Zohara Hieronimus

We’d like to celebrate the life of a woman who helped thousands of others explore the unknown. Phyllis Benjamin was a native New Yorker who got her introduction to the unseen, unknown universe by her Grandmother clipping Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” from the Sunday comics. Her Grandfather was a newspaperman and Phyllis followed in his footstep as an art director of ABC Eyewitness News among other projects. She loved to travel to the world’s ancient sites and helped others do the same through her travel agency and like Charles Fort, whose International Fortean Society she championed, Phyllis lived the teaching -- that we must explore without bias what we do not know.

Phyllis helped many people who came to the annual International Fortean Organization and their annual conference on Anomalous Phenomena or who read their papers and magazines, to find new ways to view themselves, each other and the world. Her husband Al survives her and no doubt Phyllis is already planning on the Universal Fortean Society gathering.

Thank you Phyllis for the love of discovery you shared all during your lifetime on earth and your good sense of humor. It is nice to know that you are well and that you join others including your dear friend and mentor John Michell who was there to greet you. Your funeral was sweet and full of love under the two large oak trees on a hill overlooking Baltimore. Travel on our friend, you will be remembered and cherished.

From Hieronimus & Co.
Dr. Bob Hieronimus
Dr. Zohara Hieronimus
Laura Cortner



Science and the Unknown

The Legacy of Charles Fort
“One measures a circle beginning anywhere” — Philosopher Charles Fort

Charles Hoy Fort. Image copyright The International Fortean OrganizationFor 27 years, the American writer Charles Hoy Fort worked full-time researching scientific journals and old periodicals to gather material on phenomena on the borderland between fact and fantasy - the wide range of mysteries that orthodox science either ignored or improperly explained away. His pioneering researches appeared in four books: The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents (1932).

In these volumes, Fort gathered, organized, and commented on a wild host of phenomena: UFOs, falls of living animals; poltergeists, ghosts and psychic phenomena; earthquakes and volcanoes; astronomical and archaeological mysteries; stigmata; mass hysteria and panics; spontaneous human combustion; disappearing people; and much more. The Original Fortean Society founders included many leading literary lights of the day including Theodore Dreiser, Booth Tarkington, Ben Hecht, H. L. Mencken, Alexander Woolcott, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Fort's work also influenced science fiction and horror writers through the introduction of Fortean themes which is often evident in the work of contemporary luminaries such as Stephen King. Science fiction great Robert Heinlein was also a long-time member of the International Fortean Organization (INFO) until his death.

The International Fortean Organization (INFO) was incorporated as a non-profit educational society in 1965 in order to continue and expand the original Fortean Society. INFO is dedicated to disseminating Fort's work and continues his research into unexplained phenomena by holding annual conferences such as FortFest, FortNite and FortScape and by publishing the intriguing INFO Journal. Audio and video tapes of lectures by intellectual pioneers such as John Anthony West, Patrick Harpur, John Keel, Hillary Evans, John Michell, Mario Pazzaglini, Budd Hopkins, Paul Laffoley, Raymond Moody. Richard Hoagland, Sal Trento, Richard Greenwell, Gerald Hawkins, David Hufford, Ingo Swann, Alvin Holm, Colin Wilson and William Corliss are available from the organization at reasonable cost.  Intrigued by the baffling and often hilarious universe of anomalous phenomena?  You may want to find out more about INFO.

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El Castillo, Xunantunich, Belize
Visited on 2005's phenomenal cruise.

Our late Mexican friend. Image copyright The International Fortean Organization (INFO)
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The Tecolutla Monster
Case investigation conducted by INFO.

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