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For 27 years, the American writer Charles Hoy Fort worked full-time researching scientific journals and old periodicals to gather material on phenomena on the borderland between fact and fantasy - the wide range of mysteries that orthodox science either ignored or improperly explained away. His pioneering researches appeared in four profound, baffling and often humorous books: The Book of the Damned(1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents, (1932). In these volumes, Fort gathered, organized, and commented on a wild host of phenomena: synchroncity, UFO anomalies, falls of living animals; poltergeists, ghosts and psychic phenomena; earthquakes and volcanoes; astronomical mysteries; stigmata; mass hysteria and panics; spontaneous human combustion; disappearing people; and much more. Among the early Forteans were some of the leading literary lights of the day, including Theodore Dreiser, Booth Tarkington, Ben Hecht, Alexander Woolcott, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Fort's work influenced science fiction and horror through the introduction of Fortean themes which is often evident in the work of contemporary luminaries such as Stephen King. Robert Heinlein was also a long-time member of the International Fortean Organization (INFO) until his death.

The International Fortean Organization (INFO) was incorporated as a non-profit educational society in 1965 in order to continue and expand the original Fortean Society. INFO is dedicated to disseminating Fort’s work and continues his research into unexplained phenomena by holding annual conferences: FortFest, FortNite, FortScape and Fortean Seminars at Sea. Audio/ video tapes/CDs/DVDs of 25 years of outstanding lectures by fortean intellectual/visionary pioneers such as John Anthony West, John Keel, John Michell, Joscelyn Godwin, Doug Skinner, Sophy Burnham, Budd Hopkins, Richard Hoagland, Sal Trento, David Jacobs, Gerald Hawkins, David Hufford, Ingo Swann, Alvin Holm, Graham Hancock, Patrick Harpur, Raymond Moody, Colin Wilson, Rebecca Hoffberger and William Corliss are available from the organization at reasonable cost. If you are intrigued by the baffling and often hilarious universe of anomalous phenomena, you may want to find out more about the International Fortean Organization (INFO).

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Please help keep the Fortean window open! Your membership fee helps fund our extraordinary conferences and our data/book storage facility! All members get early advisories/discounts on conferences, research trips, limited edition book sales and reduced rates on: fortean educational trips and research expeditions, tapes/CDs/DVDs of conferences, occasional papers, books, invitations to members only soirees/parties and guest lectures/think tanks. Donations are tax deductible in the U.S. INFO is a nonprofit corporation. Please make checks or money orders, in U.S. funds only, payable to "INFO."

Donations are tax deductible. INFO is a nonprofit 501(C)(3).
Please make checks or money orders, in U.S. funds only, payable to "INFO."

"One measures a circle beginning anywhere."   - Charles Fort
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