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Forteana's most complete index lists all of the subjects, events, places, names, dates, witnesses, contributors and reviews (by title and by author) in the first 50 issues of The INFO Journal. With some 40,000 entries, this unique and valuable reference is without precedent in the world of Fortean publishing. 125 pages, $12.95.

  The following Journals are $5.00 each, except as noted:


  • #1
    Man and Mammoths in the Americas. The Devil's Hoofmarks. Airship Mysteries. Pebble Tools. Icarus Case. Philosophical Lizard. Arkansas Wildman. Phosphorescent Wheels. Remarkable Lightning Discharge. Strange Blimps. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #2
    Nampa Image. The Devil Walks Again. Mysterious Cement Cylinders of New Caledonia. Anomalous Phenomena in Ancient Annamese Records. Mysterious Moonshaft. Voecklabruck Object. Sources of Charles Fort. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #3
    Do Dinosaurs Still Exist? Ice Falls. UFOs in Colonial New England. Abominable Snowman Stamps. Phoenicians in the New World. USOs. Pulsars.
  • #4
    Coso Artifact. Mima Mounds. 'Blasting Fogs' of Scotland. UFO Statistics. UFOs Falling into Swedish Lakes. Historical UFOs. Red Rain. Mars Ahoy! Acambara Materials Carbon Dated. Metallic Objects Found in France. Roman Coins in Venezuela. Charred Stuff. Falls of Ducks. French UFOs. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #5
    Vikings in the Pacific? Zacatecas Solar Observations. Lost Ships. Kangarooiana. Noisy Clouds. Sasquatch. Loch Ness. Burning Dirt. Irish Lake Monster.
  • #6
    INFO Journal Acambaro Figurines. Aerial Sightings in France. Loch Ness. USOs. Tulli Papyrus.
  • #7
    Amerind Bigfoot Traditions. Cog Wheel Culture. Falls. Ghosts and Poltergeists. Florida Smoke Mystery. Gook. Hollow Moon. Michigan Copper Mines. UFOs. Vampires. Spinifex Prints.
  • #8
    The Burning People. Giant Octopus, Florida, 1896. Experiments with Plants. UFOs in New Zealand and Finland. ABSMs in Himalayas, Florida, Sicily. Things Under the Seas. Things in the Seas. Things in Lakes. Mermaids. Falls of Ice, Blood, Beans, Metal, Fish. Red-Haired People Eaters in Nevada. Ship in the Desert. Missing Pigeons. Green Glop. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #9
    Ancient Technologies. Vulcan, Planet X. Forteana re Dogs, Cats, Fish, Sheep, Cows, Giant Squid. Ghost Light Survey. Falls of Egg, Limestone, Ice, Straw, Giant Snowflakes, Webs and Threads. Poltergeists. Bubbles in Air & Sea. Fairy Rings. Strange Weather. UFOs and USOs. Sounds from Space. Bread Yeast Monster. Ancient Mariners. MO-MO and Other Monsters. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  The following Journals are $5.00 each, except as noted:



  • #10
    Cuicuilco. Worms. Acambaro. Moons of Mars. UFOs. USOs. Falls. Blobs. Imhotep Glider. Egnarts.
  • #11
    Crystal Skull. Atlantis. Ancient Atomic Pile. Jungle Boy. Worms. Falls. Blobs. UFOs and USOs.
  • #12
    Flight l9. Kohoutek. Erratic Crocodilians. Tunguska. Stanford Apports. Comets in History. Velikovsky. UFOs.(Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #13
    Stanford Apports. Adgy? (Tunguska Event). ETs in the Tropics. Aerial Phenomena in 1663. British Animal Phenomena. More USOs.
  • #14
    Maps and Galaxies. Monsters. Phantom Butchers, Islands, Quakes. Electrical Phenomena. Ethiopian Discoveries. Great Florida Mystery. Delphos Wolf Girl. Mountain of Death. Falls of Flashlight, Mathematical Formulae, Stones, Catfish, Birds, Spiders, Threads and more. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #15
    Haunted Mountain. Aerial Anomalies at Sea. Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19. Exo-linguistics.
  • #16
    Water Monsters. Ball Lightning. Anorthosites. Quetzelcoatl.
  • #17
    Florida Beach Monster, Part 1. Cabrera Rocks. St. Severinus. Bath Tub Hoax.
  • #18
    Florida Beach Monster, Part 2. Giant Tortoises. Paranormal Voices. Classic UFO.
  • #19
    Defying Gravity. Kaolithic Age. Virginia Ice Fall, Part 1 INFO Journal
  • #20
    The Great Serpent Mystery. The Meydum-Avebury Connection. UFO Landing in Romania.
  • #21
    Golden Models of Ancient Spacecraft. Pyramid Power. Phantom Butchers. Bigfoot. Nessie. Crepuscular Rays. Virginia Ice Fall, Part 2
  • #22
    Irish Lake Monster. Poltergeists. Archeoddities. Bigfoot. UFOs.
  • #23
    Medicine Wheels. Tungus Event. Sailors of the Ancient World. UFOs. Bigfoot. Wisconsin Lake Monster.
  • #24
    Colored Rains. Medicine Wheels. Dover Demon. May 8, 1902, Part 1.
  • #25
    Nazca Plain Figures. Lake Monsters. Was It a Plesiosaur? Big Bird. Introduction to Sci-Phi, Part 1. May 8, 1902, Part 2.
  • #26
    Phantom Snipers in Sweden, Part 1. Quetzalcoatl and the Bermuda Triangle. Intro to Sci-Phi, Part 2. 'Mountain Artillery.' Falls. OOP Animals, Dover Demon, Peculiar Hailstones. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #27
    East Coast Mystery Booms. Triangulating the UFO. Phantom Snipers in Sweden, Part 2. Introduction to Sci-Phi, Part 3. From the Archives: Ancient Sea Monsters, Hairy Humans, Shower of Pebbles, Toad in Solid Rock, Flying Haycock, 6000-Year-Old Brain from Florida, Strange Amazonian Tribe. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #28
    Search for the Lake Champlain Monsters. Soviet Bigfoot. Megamouth. Mystery Booms. Bigfoot Reports from Maryland. Silbury Hill. The Origin of Bigfoot. Short Reports: Falls, Bigfoot, Artifacts. Notes of Charles Fort. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #29
    19th-Century Airship Mystery. Does the Force Exist? Outline of Fortean Knowledge. Bigfoot. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #30
    1978 Sasquatch Conference Report. The Origin of Bigfoot. Short Reports: Holes in Ice, Low Frequency Noises, Kangaroos, Shark in Detroit River, Cougars, Large Humanoids, Threads in the Sky. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #31
    Mystery Explosions in Newfoundland. Characteristics of Bigfoot. Big Bird, Part 1.
  • #32
    Big Bird, Part 2. They Never Came Back, Part 1. Brief Reports.
  • #33
    They Never Came Back, Part 2. Ornithological Erratics. Black Mountain Lions. Paracas Trident.
    INFO Journal
  • #34
    Maryland Sasquatch. Serpent in Circle.
  • #35
    Waterspouts. Entombed Animals. Desert of Maine. Seeing a Salamander.
  • #36
    Nebraska Lake Monster. Footprints of the Damned. The Case of Ellis vs. Newbrough.
  • #37
    Ball Lightning. Alligators in Sewers. Ancient Aerospace Technology. Res Bureaux Bulletin. UFO Reports from Around the World. Letters: Rat Kings, Green Light in Iraqi Desert. (Available in copy only, $7.00)
  • #38
    Witchcraft in Science. Firefalls and Rockfalls. Anomalies on Columbus' Voyages.
  • #39
    Canadian Lake Monsters. Phantom Planets. Sky Bangs. Ball Lightning. Kangaroo Rat. Aerial Alligator. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #40
    Dinosaur Debates. Lightning Therapy. Black Holes in Medieval Chinese Knowledge. Aerial Detonations. Nous.
    (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #41
    Devil's Hoofmarks. UFO-Bigfoot Connection. Siege of the Sasquatch. City in the Sky. Black Panther. 16th-Century Encounter. Fortean Phenomena and the Destiny of Man. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #42
    Native American Monsters. Fabulous Trees. Mermaids. Flying Fruit. Vanishing Valley. Andreasson Affair. Fabulous Animals. Magnetic Hills. Loren Coleman. Bigfoot Bibliography.
  • #43
    Searching for a Missing Planet. Meteors from the Moon and Mars. Monsters in the Niagara River. The Lance Cove Incident. Brown Mountain Lights. Arctic Research. The Letter "E." (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #44
    Mesopotamian Legends of the Creation and the Great Flood. The Enigma of Samuel S. Conant. Image and Actuality. Alaskan ABSMs. New Jersey UFO. A Fisher in Florida. Enigmas in West Virginia.
  • #45
    Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Mysterious Spheres and Lights, Part 1. Thomas Jefferson and the Fossil Record. Vanishing Village. Unified Quack Theory. Canadian Monsters. Nous. Santa Cruz Mystery.
  • #46
    Morphogenetic Fields. Mysterious Moving Slab. Remarkable Photograph. Rolex Awards. Mysterious Spheres and Lights, Part 2. Alabama Fish Fall. Nous. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #47
    Bigfoot. Strange Lights. Giant Snake. Crabs. Lake Monsters. Blobs. Black Dog. Caddy Clippings. Vampires. Polynesian Pyramids. Nous. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)

  The following Journals are $5.00 each, except as noted:



  • #48
    The Name Game. Cabrera Rocks Revisited. Third Secret of Fatima. Copyrights of Fort's Works. Megalonyx. Lovecraft and the Voynich Manuscript. Musical Stone Lifting. Little Green Men. Phantom Clowns. Eaters of the Dead. Flying Dragon. Poetry. Nous.
  • #49
    Synchronicity. Tzuchinoko. Magic in Macbeth. Ringing Rocks. Money Pit Mystery. Ghost of Berg Hohenstein. FOAFs. Mystery Submarines. Nous.
  • #50
    Ancient Astronautics. Blue Ridge Name Game. The Dating Game. Disappearing Stars. Third Trumpet. Forty Acre Rock. Focus on John Keel.
  • #51
    A British Monster Octopus? Creature Sightings in Maryland. Steller's Sea Cow. Highland Mysteries. Fortech. Fortean Films. Nous.
  • #52
    Legends of the Kiowa. Medieval Macedonian Astronauts. Frog War. Falls of Worms. Meteorites in Fort's Books. Buck Hill Cave. Fortographs. Library of Congress. Nous.
  • #53
    Alchemical Medallion. German Rains and Falls. Roerich and the Quest for Shambala. Radio Echoes. High Desert Encounters. Sasquatch. Fortographs. Nous.
  • #54
    The Ossipee Triangle. Occult Reflections. California's Lake Monsters. UFOs. European Snowman. The Voice of the Sea. Nous. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #55
    Unbelievable Baalbek. The Bronx Jeer. Micro-Artifact Baffles Scientists. A Strange Closet in a Strange House. G.K. Chesterton and the Sea Serpent. The British Library. The Pit. Nous. Fish and Frog Falls. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #56
    George Catlin in Re-View. Strange Closet. Frog Fall Letters. Fort's Data in Irish Newspapers. Voynich Manuscript Translated. Evolution of Water Monsters. Nous. (Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #57
    Christ Church. Jules Verne. The Jersey Devil. First Meeting of the Fortean Society. Blood Rain in China. Sand Springs, OK Ghost Light. Ireland's Chinese Seals. Nous. Pit Revisited. 1988 Bigfoot Sightings.(Available in copy only, $7.00.)
  • #58
    Garden Beds of Michigan. Iron Man of Bonn. Te Hua Seals Found in Ireland. Phantom Helicopters and UFOs. Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir. 'Christmas Waifs' by Fort. Nous. Rupert Gould.
  • #59
    Mayon Volcano. Fortean Falls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Charlotte Phenomenon. The Enigma Project. A UFO from1872? Fortean Critique of Science, Part 1. Shambhala Found? Spoon Found in Coal.
  • #60
    Geography of the Argonautica. Lumpy Rug Syndrome. The Sea Monster of Stronsa. The Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger. Supercheckers. Nous.
  • #61
    Alaskan Mythology. Fortean Critique of Science, Part 2. Is Gulf Breeze a Fraud? Illinois' Stone Walls. Rene Dahinden Interview. Sea Serpents & Secret Submarines.
  • #62
    San Raphael's Painted Dragon. The Witch Trial That Wasn't. Gulf Breeze. The Hill Star Map. Electric Lady. Short Stories of Fort.
  • #63
    UFOs in Mexico. Plague of Mold Revisited. Patterns in Fortean Phenomena. Bigfoot Update. Tasmanian Wolf. Viking Mushrooms? Anti-Establishment Science. Fossils of Big Brook. Wild Talents. Silver Indian Crosses.
  • #64
    Geomancy of Speyer Cathedral. Charleston Meteorite. Bunyip. Teddy Roosevelt's Lake Monster. Ball Lightning. Wild Talents. Sasquatch.
  • #65
    Mt. Sinai Rediscovered? Do You Figure What I Figure? Martin Gardner's Critique of Fort. Bigfoot Update. Connecticut Earthquake. Dinosaurs of Culpeper. Anomalist and Lost Artifact.

  The following Journals are $5.00 each:



  • #66
    Patience Worth-Psychic Mystery of the Ages. Akureyri Fairies Revisited. Three Discoveries in Fortean Folklore. Manley's Monsters. Chillicothe Coin.
  • #67
    A Church Alignment in Worms, Germany. UFOs Reconsidered as a Fortean Phenomenon. Meteoric Stones in India. The Etowah Mound. Ball Lightning.
  • #68
    Ringing Rock Sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Bigfoot Visits Big City. Synchronicity. Saarland Panther.
  • #69
    The Roman Shark of Eatontown, NJ. Historical Bigfoot Cases. Remote Mayan Date Interpreted. Forteana in Fiction. Precolumbian Voyagers.

  The following Journals are $10.00 each:


International Fortean Organization (INFO) Journals #70-78, Editor-in-Chief: Michael T. Shoemaker, Associate Editor: Phyllis Benjamin.

  • Issue 70
    Two-Finned Cetaceans, Gigantic Turle of 1983, Concrete Enigmas, Who Discovered Bacteria, Restoring the Ringing Rocks Mystery, Part I, Black Cats in Indiana, The Giant, the Insect, and the Philanthropic-looking Old Gentleman (the International Fortean Organization was the first to publish this short story by Charles Fort), Charles Fort-Salesman, Nous, Wild Talents, International Chronicles, It's Fortean, Mumblings from a Fortean Philosopher.

    Michael T. Shoemaker, Michel Raynal, X, Donal B. Buchanan, Bruce Allen Sprinkle, Paoli Cortesi, Ken W. Moak, Charles Fort, Phyllis Benjamin, Mel Saunders, Walt Gavenda, Al Rosenzweig, John Michell, Doug Skinner, Ulrich Magin and Francois de Sarre.

  • Issue 71
    Charles Fort-John Reid Correspondence, Eastern Cougar in Maryland, Marine Monster in Mexico, UFOs and Politics, Ufology From Negativism to Secret Labs, From the KGB Archives, Visit to the Money Pit, Nouse, Carpet Circles, Mumblings from a Fortean Philosopher, International Chronicles, Buried Giants, Word Fall, Circle Speaks, Fortfolio, Damned Data, Lo-Down Book Reviews.

    X, Chad Arment, Rafael A. Lara Palmeros, Lev Chulkov, Editors of AURA-Z and Vadim Orlov, Michael Shoemaker, Ray Crowe, Ghislaine Jackson, John Michell, Phyllis Benjamin, Ulrich Magin, Francois de Sarre, G. Meuleman, Stanislav Babicek, Anneli Engstron, Paolo Cortesi, Doug Skinner, Ken Moak, Al Rosenzweig, Walt Gavenda, Jerome Clark, Walt Gavenda, W. Ritchie Benedict

  • Issue 72
    Ball Lightning in the Wider Context, Ball Lightning Reports: Percolation Vs, Interaction, Wild Men in Spain, Some Early Drafts of Lo!, Niagara Fugue, Secret World of NYC's Wildlife, Mumblings from a Fortean Philosopher, Wild Talents, Fantastic Fishline, Circle Speaks, Damned Data, Lake Monsters, Lo Down, FortFolio.

    Hilary Evans, Ron Westrum, Sergio de la Rubla-Mufioz, X, Dwight Whalen, Ron Rosenblatt, John Michell, Al Rosenzweig, Walt Gavenda, Mel Saunders, Phyllis Benjamin, Max Tafur, Francois de Sarre, Stanislav Babicek, Anneli Engstrom, R.A. Lara Palmeros, Ole Jonny Braenne, Ulrich Magin, Doug Skinner, Michael T. Shoemaker, Donal Buchanan, Walt Gavenda, W. Ritchie Benedict

  • Issue 73
    Norwegian Ghost Fliers, History Undercurrents: Extraordinary Parallel Events, Giant Snakes in Maryland, Mysterious Bird of Hiva-Oa, Mysterious Crosses of 1872, Phenomena in Fireland, Batsquatch Flap Flap, Mumblings from a Fortean Philosopher, Wild Talents: Eyeless SIght, International Chronicles, Polka-Dot Paint Job, Circle Speaks, Damned Data, Looking for Lake Monsters, Lo Down, Fortfolio.

    Ole Jonny Braenne, Paolo Cortesi, Chad Arment, Michel Raynal, X, Michael T. Shoemaker, Phyllis Benjamin, John Michell, Mel Saunders, Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz, Florin Gheorghita, Francois de Sarre, R.A. Lara Palmeros, Stanislav Babicek, Ulrich Magin, Doug Skinner, Gary Mangiacopra, Ken Moak, Walt Gavenda, W. Ritchie Benedict, Keith Partain, Jerome Clark, Chris Gross

  • Issue 74
    Mott Case: Fireman's Fatal Encounter with SHC, Disappearing Telephone Booth, Kingville Tracks, Forgotten Fort Letter, Debunking the Debunkers of the Giant Octopus, Star of Venus, Mumblings from a Fortean Philosopher, Frogs from the Sky, International Chronicles, Circle Speaks, Damned Data, Looking for Lake Monsters (cartoon strip), Lo-Down, Forteana in Advertising, Fortfolio.

    Larry Arnold, Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz, Mike Frizzell, X, Michel Raynal, Stuart Greenwood, John Michell, Michael Shoemaker, Phyllis Benjamin, Stanislav Babicek, Max Tafur, Ulrich Magin, Stephan Segantini, Paoli Cortesi, Doug Skinner, Al Rosenzweig, Chris Gross, Mike Frizzell, W. Ritchie Benedict, Keith Partain, George Early, Walt Gavenda, Jerome Clark, Ken Moak

  • Issue 75
    Enigmatic Invisible Globes, Moving Monument Mystery, Faces of Apocalypse, Fort Letter Regarding Artifact Falls, 1969 Paranormal Ripple, Eidetic Imaging, International Chronicles, Money from Nowhere, Bubble Boy (cartoon), Circle Speaks, Damned Data, Looking for Lake Monsters, Lo-Down

    Florin Gheorghita, William Kingsley, Michael Grosso, Michael Shoemaker, Keith Partain, Mel Saunders, Shin-ichiro Namiki, Francois de Sarre, Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz, Max Tafur, Stephan B.Segantini, Doug Skinner, Phyllis Benjamin, Al Rosenzweig, Walt Gavenda, Ken Moak. Chris Gross

  • Issue 76
    Ice Falls, Chupacabras Paranormal, Esoteric Acoustics, Fourier Analysis of Fortean Data, Carnac's Menhirs- Living Standing Stones, Fabulous Beasts from Cryptozoology and the Worm of Ouroborus, Pliny on Ghosts, International Chronicles, Spring-Heeled Jack, Comedy from a Fortean Wag, Circle Speaks, Damned Data, More Fortean Ads, Looking for Lake Monsters, Lo-Down

    Mike Frizzell, Rafael A. Lara Palmeros, Zvi Ron, Keith Partain, Robert Dehon, Michael D. Winkle, Pliny the Younger, Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz, Florin Gheorghita, Max Tafur, R.A. Lara Palmeros, Michael Shoemaker, Phyllis Benjamin, Doug Skinner, Al Rosenzweig, Ken Moak, Dwight Whalen, W. Ritchie Benedict.

  • Issue 77
    Fortean Perspectives of William James, Vikings Discovered Life on Mars, Mysterious Disappearances in Spain, Rediscovery of the Truro Ghost, Playing it Straight with Anomalies, Doubly Damned Data, Back from Limbo: Chesterton on Miracles, International Chronicles, Disappearance of Ambrose Small, Roller Sheep, Circle Speaks, Cartoons, Damned Data, Bigfoot Chronicles, Lo-Down, More Fortean Ads Update, Fortfolio

    Michael Shoemaker, Phyllis Benjamin, Howard Davis, Ken Moak, Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz, X, G.K, Chesterton, Zvi Ron, Stanislav Babicek, Ulrich Magin, Walt Gavenda, Ken Moak, Al Rosenzweig, Doug Skinner, Chris Gross, W. Ritchie Benedict. Jerome Clark, Stuart Greenwood.

  • Issue 78
    Silverbell Affair-Archaeological Artifact Mystery in the American Southwest, Charles Fort May Have Fallen Victim to Computer Error in days before Computers, Sacred Cow Madness, Amazing Astronomical Knowledge About Ancient Civilizations, Friendly Fire: A Scientist Pans Sagan's Last Book, Yeats on the Paranormal, International Chronicles, Black Dogs, Damned Data, In Memoriam to Ray Manners, Mischievous Elf, In Memoriam to Vincent Gaddis, Indiana's Sky Monster, Sasquatch Chronicles, Lo-Down

    Dale Neiburg, Michael Shoemaker, X, Zvi Ron, Paolo Cortesi, W.B. Yeats, Howard Davis, Phyllis Benjamin, Ken Moak, Al Rosenzweig, Walt Gavenda, Chris Gross, Keith Partain, Doug Skinner, Ulrich Magin, Stanislav Babicek, Paolo Cortesi


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