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John Michell Ascendent

John Michell Ascendant
photo: Michael Schneider

Good journey ahead to John Michell. A bright light has left the earth to join the pantheon of stars in the heavens. I am sad to report that my beloved friend and mentor John Michell has passed peacefully at his son Jason's home in Dorcet after a short bout with lung cancer. Cogent and witty to the end he was pleased to know that his last book of philosophy filled with his magical art would be coming out this fall. His last day was spent mute with his eyes gazing upwards and both Patrick Harpur and Joscelyn Godwin remarked that perhaps he was staring out from Plato's cave. Quite right, he would of said. Perhaps he knew it was Shakespeare's birthday. In Chicago it was "Talk Like A Bard Day". April 23 (he passed at 1230 April 24 which is 2330 GMT) is also St. George's Day so perhaps he was listening to the song Jerusalem. Forteana has not lost its' merriest and most learned bard for John Michell leaves us a legacy of over fifty of his books. Pick one up and see for yourself.

We thank him for all his good work and wise teachings for not only our organization but for true forteans everywhere. He will be sorely missed.

—Phyllis Benjamin, The International Fortean Organization (INFO)

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Photo by Marty Cain  
El Castillo, Xunantunich, Belize
Visited on 2005's phenomenal cruise.

Our late Mexican friend. Image copyright The International Fortean Organization (INFO)
Photo © INFO  
The Tecolutla Monster
Case investigation conducted by INFO.

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